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Worst Premier League Player Ever

As the Premier League moves into the 21st century, it’s possible to remember the sensational player who ultimately became the worst Premier League player in history… Of course there are hundreds to choose from, but this is a slightly lighthearted look at the top 5 worst Premier League players of all time.

This list includes footballers who really embarrass their teammates and have club fans covering their eyes in shock. Before we begin, I’m not saying these unlucky guys can’t play soccer. They are not useless, or pathetic excuses for professional players. Maybe one or two, (lol) but more often it’s just bad timing.

5. Claude Davis

When Derby County were promoted to the Premier League in 2007, manager Billy Davies wanted to strengthen his defence to deal with the most demanding league. As a result, he spent $4 million on centre-back Claude Davies, who previously played under him at Preston North.

Yet Davies has amply proved his worth in the Premier League. He only played 19 times as the Rams scored a low 11 pts overall while earning the nickname “Claude of Disaster ”, making him the worst Premier League player of the decade and number 5 on our list.

4. Jozy Altidore:

The American striker made 70 appearances in the tournament and scored just 2 goals for relegated English teams Hull and Sunderland. He was strong, fast and able to keep the ball, but that doesn’t seem to matter when he doesn’t score.

However, that all changed when he left Sunderland. His record for the Toronto Major League Soccer club is a phenomenal 47 goals in over 88 games. During his time at Sunderland and Hull City, he remains one of the worst players in the Premier League.

3. Andrea Silenzi: 

By the mid-1990s, Football Italia had captivated audiences with the talents of Europe’s greats. However, the first Italian to play had the opposite effect.

Silenzi, who signed for $2.3 million from Turin in 1995, appalled Nottingham Forest supporters with his laid-back and effortless approach. He only managed a handful of appearances and two FA Cup goals, before Forest cut their losses and went on to loan him back to Italy, making him one of the worst EPL players of all time.

2. Lukas Jutkiewicz:

He only played four minutes for Everton, but they failed to score, a harbinger of what’s to come. Then, five years later, the muscular striker returned to England’s top flight, this time with Sean Dyche’s Burnley, a team whose rough blueprint matched the English striker.

His strengths never fully materialised. In his 25 games, the ball has never been put behind the net. He currently plays for Birmingham City, where he has established himself as one of the division’s deadliest strikers. Based on his current statistics, he is one of the worst signings in the Premier League.

1. Harry Maguire:

He was at one point the most valuable and expensive defender at the time of his signing from Leicester. After winning at Leicester City, tackling, shooting, and even winning the Premier League, he also showed class when he played for the England national team. He was signed with Leicester City for $90 million.

His teammates suffered due to his lack of adaptability and the level of play expected of the team. He has also scored several own goals for Manchester United, making him one of the frontrunners for the 2022/2023 Premier League worst player list of the season.

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