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Introducing Frapapa #RequestYourOdds

Introducing Frapapa #RequestYourOdds

Frapapa BET is putting Frapstars in the driving seat with our latest feature update, #RequestYourOdds – that allows you to request your own personalised bets on football markets.

Your requests can cover a range of football markets including penalties, goals, players to be booked, assists, etc.

This is certainly an exciting new feature for Frapstars, and used well can also be highly valuable because you can request odds for almost any outcome you can think of. 

It is safe to state that you can only be limited by your own imagination. If you can think it, then you can get it in odds!

How does it work?

How to #RequestYourOdds on Frapapa Bet
Step-by-step process of how to #RequestYourOdds on Frapapa

If you know something we don’t about a football match and you are willing to back it, make a request 72 hours before the match kicks off by tweeting @FrapapaOfficial – our official Twitter account using #RequestYourOdds hashtag. 

The cooking process starts afterwards with the brilliant people on our social media team picking up your request and transmitting it to our trading team to deliberate on your request, put a price on your request and if possible approve it. 

If your request is approved, immediately your odds are served on our site for you to place a bet.

You can click here to watch a video tutorial on how to #RequestYourOdds on Frapapa

What are you waiting for? #RequestYourOdds – Your hunch could land you big!

For more information and terms & conditions click here.

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