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How to withdraw money won on Frapapa

Have you ever asked Google what Frapapa minimum withdrawal is? Or how do I withdraw money from Frapapa? Then, you need to pay attention while reading this article.

If you are reading this and you don’t have an account, do so here.

At Frapapa, customers’ monies are paid out into their bank accounts within 5-seconds of their withdrawal being initiated. Here are the easy steps to take to receive your money in your bank account in 5-seconds.

  1. While logged into your Frapapa account click on the icon displaying your balance next to the “DEPOSIT” button. 
  2. Once you click on the icon it will display a drop-down menu. On that menu list, click on “WITHDRAWALS”. It is the sixth item on the menu.
  3. After that input your desired withdrawal amount and select your saved bank account details. Then, click on the “WITHDRAWAL” icon. In 5-seconds your desired withdrawal amount will be credited to your bank account.
A gif image that demonstrates how to withdraw money won on Frapapa

If your withdrawal takes longer than 10 minutes to reflect in your bank account, it will be as a result of technical issues and may take up to 2 hours to resolve. If it takes longer than that, you are advised to contact support  to help resolve your payment issue.

Frapapa bonuses cannot be withdrawn unless the bonus conditions are met.

Also note, you must do your KYC verification and add a payment account before you can make your first withdrawal.

How to upload KYC

A gif image showing how to upload KYC documents on Frapapa for account verification
  • Login to your Frapapa account
  • Click on “My profile” from  the profile icon
  • Select “KYC” from the dropdown after clicking on the 3 horizontal lines “Personal”
  • Click on ‘ADD KYC”
  • Select “Identification Document” as the Document type 
  • Select the expiry date of your valid ID
  • Click on the “choose file” icon
  • Upload your valid ID.

The document type you can use to verify your KYC is a valid government issued ID by NIMC, an international travel passport, FRSC issued driver’s licence, or an INEC issued voter’s card.

How to add payment accounts?

A gif image on how to add bank account details to a Frapapa account.
  • Log on to your Frapapa account
  • Click on the icon displaying your balance
  • Click on “My profile” 
  • Select “Payment Accounts” after clicking on the “Personal” icon
  • Click on “Add accounts” and input your bank account details as requested on the site
  • Click on save.

How long does Frapapa withdrawal take?

Frapapa withdrawal takes less than 5 seconds to be processed and transferred into your bank account. Frapapa will not charge you for withdrawal into your bank accounts via bank transfer.

What is Frapapa withdrawal limit?

The maximum payout amount for each bet is ₦40,000,000.

Frapapa minimum withdrawal is ₦500 while the maximum is ₦500,000 per day. If you wish to withdraw more than ₦500,000 in a day, you have to contact support and your limit will be temporarily increased after verification of your winnings and identity.


  • Yetunde 13 Oct 2022

    I uploaded my kyc document (voters card) but since then it has been showing pending and I’m still unable to make any withdrawal. What could be the issue?

    • Frapapa Blog 13 Oct 2022

      Sorry about that. Kindly send us a DM with your User ID on social media account @FrapapaOfficial on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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