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How to Fund your Frapapa Bet Account using Opay

How to Fund your Frapapa Bet Account using Opay

The long awaited payment channel is now live on Frapapa Bet.

Yes! You can now fund your Frapapa Bet account with the OPAY mobile app. New users wanting to fund their Frapapa Bet account can also use this payment method.

Here are the steps you need to follow to deposit funds into your Frapapa BET account using the OPAY app.

How to deposit with the OPAY Mobile App

  • Log on to your Opay App
  • Select “Betting”
  • Select “Frapapa”
  • Enter your 7 digit Frapapa User ID (See how to find your User ID here)
  • Enter desired amount
  • Click on “Pay”
  • Select payment method

  • Enter your OPay transaction pin
  • You will get a notification payment successful
  • Your Frapapa account will be credited instantly.

Minimum Deposit: ₦100
Transaction: Instant
Fee: None

Guess what? There are no hidden charges when you fund your account using OPAY.

Some Tips for funding your account using the OPAY Mobile App

An insufficient bank account balance could also prevent your account from being funded. Before depositing, ensure there’s funds in your bank account. 

When your Frapapa BET wallet balance remains unchanged after depositing, check your bank account to see if you have been debited. In case you’ve been debited, patience is required.

When you use the OPAY mobile app to deposit funds into your Frapapa BET account, the process is usually instant. However, if there are network issues, the process could take a few minutes. There may be instances when your transaction does not appear in your wallet balance for up to two hours depending on the severity of the network issue.  

After two hours, if the deposit amount still does not reflect in your wallet balance, contact our Customer Support Centre or call 0700-FRAPAPA.

For new users, fund your accounts today and get a 100% Welcome Offer on your first deposit. Don’t have a Frapapa BET account? Open one below.

You can also deposit into your Frapapa BET account using any of the other following methods we provide here.

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