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How to bet on Baseball

How to bet on Baseball

Baseball is not a major sport in Nigeria, so it can be hard for a Nigerian betting on baseball. However, in this article we’ll show you how to make money betting baseball by explaining the secrets to baseball betting systems.

The basics – how does betting on baseball work

If you don’t know, Frapapa offers the biggest odds and lowest lines on Baseball betting in Nigeria. You stand a better chance of winning BIG with the easy-to-use Frapapa BET app when it comes to betting on baseball.

You can choose from our various baseball market options on every game like 1X2, overs/unders, points spreads, winning margins, overtime to run-line. You can also bet on our unique baseball specials and live betting, all available within the Frapapa bet app.

Here are some Baseball betting strategies you can use to start winning.

Bet on the points spreads betting systems

The margin assigned to the spread is factored into the final score of a bet, either added to the score of the underdog team, or subtracted from the favoured team’s score.

For example: Dodgers is a 2.5-run favourite over Marlins. This means if you place a straight bet on the Marlins, they will need to win by three runs or more for your wager to be a winner. If you chose the Dodgers, they would need to lose by two runs or fewer — or for the Marlins to outright win — for your wager to win.

Bet on who to win betting systems

Placing a bet on either the home or away team to win a baseball game.

For example: Kansas Royals and Texas Rangers have a face-off. If you favour Royals to win, you stake on 1. If you think otherwise, then you stake on 2. Just like football, the outcome of the game after the final whistle is blown will determine if your bet is a win or loss.

Bet on winning margins betting systems

Bet placed on the difference between the number of runs the winning team will have over the losing side in a baseball game.

For example: White Sox and Blue Jays have a game. If you believe that the White Sox will win the Blue Jays by a 2 point margin, then you select HOME TEAM 1-2. This means the win margin for White Sox must be within 1-2 for a win bet. If it exceeds 1-2, then it is a loss bet.

Bet on overs/unders betting systems

A bet placed on the total number of runs scored in a game. A bettor must choose “over” (whether more runs will be scored) or “under” (fewer total runs scored) than the assigned number for that game. 

For example: The Red Sox and Mariners have a total of 9.5 runs scored in a baseball game. If you selected the over market option, the combined score must be equal to or greater than 10 for your bet to be a win. If you selected the under market option, the combined score must be equal to or less than 9 for your bet to be a win. Anything otherwise is a loss.

Bet on Frapapa baseball Specials

Bet placed on outright predictions for any baseball league we offer. You can bet on which team will win Major League Baseball at the end of the season, Who will win the season’s MVP, etc. You can click here to see more Frapapa Baseball specials.

If you’ve read this article to this point, then you are almost ready to start betting on baseball. There are some things you need to be aware of before you start betting and you can find them in this article on 6 Things you need to know before placing a bet

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