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Frapapa Casino GOTW - Fruit Basket

Frapapa Casino GOTW: Fruit Basket

Cops and Robbers is our selected Frapapa Casino game for the week of 8th – 14th of August, 2022.

Play FRUIT BASKET before the clock counts down to win a share of our weekly ₦1 million cash prize.


Game overview

Fruit Basket is a 3×3 scratch game featuring a full basket of spring fruits.

Playing The Game

To play Fruit Basket, first you need to place a bet ranging from ₦50 – ₦5,000. You can adjust the amount of your bet by using the plus and minus (+/- )buttons on the sides of the bet display. Press the button marked ‘BUY TICKET’ or press the SPACEBAR to buy a ticket for a round. 

Then proceed to reveal what is in each basket. You can do this two ways. You can either press on each basket or you can remove them all by pressing on the ‘SHOW ALL’ button. A press on the SPACE BAR will activate the ‘SHOW ALL’ function.

Once you have revealed what is hiding under each basket, check to see if you’ve won. You can do this either by checking that there are 3 matching symbols or by looking at the bottom right hand side of the screen on the WIN box

Payout Rules

Fruit Basket’s paytable is like a key, explaining the value of each symbol in the game. The win amount is determined based on bet amount x the paytable multiplier.


Quick tips for winning

There are simply things you have to understand and do to guarantee yourself big wins with Fruit Basket. Here are some few tips:

  • Don’t let your winning streak get to your head, stop and take a breather.
  • Never drink or/and do drugs while gambling as they could impair your judgement. 
  • Understand your limits.
  • Understand the game before you play.
  • Take advantage of Frapapa 600% Casino Bonus.
  • Lastly, never chase losses. You might lose it all!

If you have read all the above properly, then you are ready to start winning!

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