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4 reasons why your Frapapa withdrawal failed

4 reasons why your Frapapa withdrawal failed

Normally, withdrawals from your Frapapa account are executed instantly – within 5 seconds of initiating the transaction. That is, if you did everything right, you’ll be able to enjoy your well-deserved wins on the same day.

Failed withdrawals usually happen but can mostly be avoided by just doing some little housekeeping on your Frapapa account. 

Here are the most popular causes of failed withdrawal on Frapapa – avoid them to cash out from the first attempt!

1. You have not done your KYC verification

A lot of the time, Frapstars ask the questions “what is KYC verification?” and “why must I do it?”. KYC stands for Know Your Customer and it is so important that businesses carry out this verification process else we could be fined by regulatory authorities for not complying with fixed standards.

KYC verification prevents Identity theft, money laundering and financial fraud on our platform, hence why it is important you must do your KYC verification. 

In compliance with regulatory standards withdrawals are blocked for accounts that are not KYC verified to prevent the above listed threats. This simply means anytime you attempt to withdraw from your Frapapa account, it will fail.

To avoid facing this challenge when withdrawing your winnings, you have to do your KYC verification. You can watch the video below to see how to go about it or click here.

Seen enough? Click the button below to start your KYC Verification.

2. Your personal information still missing

Another reason why your withdrawals can fail is because you have not completely filled out your personal details in your profile which makes it impossible for us to authenticate your KYC verification. So ensure that after registering on our platform that you fill in your personal information to enable you withdraw your winnings easily. Click the button below to fill in your details.

3. Your bank account details are missing

Trying to withdraw from your Frapapa account without adding a payment bank account sounds unthinkable, right? Call it an oversight by many Frapstars, but surprisingly it is the cause of 45% of failed withdrawals on Frapapa.

To ensure that your withdrawals never fall under the 45%, it is important to add a payment account before you attempt to make your first withdrawal. Click the button below to add your bank account details to your Frapapa account.

4. We’re experiencing withdrawal downtime

The final reason for withdrawal failure on Frapapa is when we are experiencing withdrawal downtime which is mostly caused by one of our payment partners experiencing technical issues. In cases like this, there’s little we can do to rectify the situation other than to wait on our payment partner to resolve their issue.

However, be rest assured that whenever this issue occurs your money is totally safe and secure – remaining untouched in your Frapapa account.

Now that you are familiar with why withdrawals fail on Frapapa, after landing a win, before you hit the Frapapa withdrawal button ensure you are compliant with all the reasons listed above else it will fail.

If your withdrawals keep failing and it’s not because of any of the reasons above, you can contact us here.

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