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Ego's Diary - EP 5 - Sapa cannot hold us down

Ego’s Diary – EP 5

Sapa cannot hold us down!💪🏽

Ego from Frapapa's Diary EP 5 - Sapa can neva hold us down
Image credit: Tenor

Last weekend, tey reach today jus get as e be. 😩

E be like say the more we dey try run from sapa, di more e dey gain speed 😭 or am I the only one who has taken notice?

Ah! Who go save us from Sapa? 👀 Because e agents – Juve, Dortmund, Atletico and Porto are dutifully working overtime to ensure say boys and girls remain for trenches.

But las las sapa can only try and fail.

As long as Frapapa Bet still dey offer ogbonge odds, sapa can neva hold us down! 💪🏽

Last but not least, here’s my weekend picks for you. You can use the code G4BYB to bet on this selection.

Ego from Frapapa weekend picks V

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