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Ego's Diary - EP 4 - You too self deserve flowers

Ego’s Diary – EP 4

You too self deserve flowers!

Ego's Diary - EP 4 - I got flowers 💐 today and it's not even my birthday.

I got flowers 💐 today and it’s not even my birthday.

Join me to duff hat for the GOAT🐐 of tennis, Serena Williams who officially drop racquet last Saturday after losing. 

She gave us decades of beautiful and energetic tennis and was an inspiration to many girls like me. She really deserves her flowers!

I also wan thank Rafael Nadal for casting our tickets. Na GOAT im be!

Back to the Flowers.

Remember Femi? The young TDH man 😍 wey ask me for phone number. Na im send me flowers o. Unto say e wan convince me to follow am go out.

After all the gbeskelemuske boys, a girl has worked hard to deserve some flowers.

Even you too self deserve your flowers! Abi you neva hustle reach? 👀

Come and collect your flowers with our #RequestYourOdds. 81 odds enta jus today!

Last but not least, here’s my weekend picks for you. You can use the code ZEC8X to bet on this selection.

Ego's weekend picks IV

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