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Ego's Diary EP 2 - It is well

Ego’s Diary – EP 2

It is well!

Ego's Diary EP 2 - It is well
Image credit: Bleacher Report

First of all, can we join hands together and swear for Chelsea😭 because I don’t understand what’s going on with that club.

I’m even still reeling from Usman Kamaru, Anthony Joshua and Falconet’s loss over the weekend. Very painful stuff!

The fight between Usyk and AJ was dramatic and intense. AJ gave his best effort, but Usyk  was incredible and deserved to win.

When it seemed like Usman was going to win the fight from nowhere, kpa! A death kick from Edwards. My heart cut. That kick will live with me for years!

It was a tough weekend. Please, send funds 😭

Anyway, here’s my weekend picks for you. You can use the code A1XCF to bet on this selection.

Ego from Frapapa weekend picks I
Every where go soon soft. Neva give up!

Ps. If you know the kind of football that Allegri’ Juve plays, please tell me.

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