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Why hasn’t Osimhen been signed by anyone yet?

The Nigerian international was expected to sign a lucrative deal this summer, but only PSG might be able to pay for him.

Napoli announced their new uniforms for the upcoming season earlier this month. For the first time in more than three decades, every jersey will be emblazoned with the Italian tricolour as a result of last season’s remarkable Serie A title victory.

Aurelio De Laurentiis commented, “It represents a symbol of freedom after so many years of hard struggle,” referencing the Scudetto drought as well as the fact that he had saved the club from insolvency when he took over in 2004.

Although the tricolour would definitely serve as a continuing source of pride for Napoli’s patient fans, it was clear that the top striker Victor Osimhen wouldn’t be sporting the new uniforms next season.

“Absolutely yes,” De Laurentiis said emphatically. The club president continued,”If a more than indecent offer should arrive, we will deal with it. We’re certainly capable of finding other players as strong as Osimhen.”

Only Paris Saint-Germain, in De Laurentiis’ opinion, had enough money (about €200 million) to persuade him to enter negotiations. And even then, he couldn’t have predicted that Parc des Princes would make such an offer, “I trust that Osimhen will stay with us.”

Significant moves are being made, most notably in Saudi Arabia, that have raised some doubt about Osimhen staying at the Stadio Diego Armando Maradona after a few weeks of transfer market stagnation, during which it was frequently reported that he was about to sign a new contract with Napoli.

Therefore, it still appears very possible that Osimhen will play for Maradona for at least another season. After all, it’s not like he’s rushing to depart. He recently proclaimed that “there is no better place to be” after expressing his affection for Naples on numerous occasions. De Laurentiis has virtually priced him out of a transfer, at least for the time being, even if he had wanted out.

Mbappe will be heavily dependent, in fact. The French forward is undoubtedly the key to opening the summer transfer market. He has the potential to set off a domino effect that results in a string of strikers switching teams.

But it’s quite doubtful that Osimhen will leave if Mbappe doesn’t do so. Since PSG is the only team that can afford De Laurentiis’ asking price, Napoli supporters should have the opportunity to watch their favourite player dominate Serie A once more next season, only this time with a tricolour on his chest.

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