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Man United could struggle to top 4 finish

Jamie Carragher, a former player for Liverpool, asserted that Manchester United might not finish in the top four.

The former Liverpool defender is of the opinion that the Red Devils are not yet assured of qualifying for the Champions League.

The team led by Erik ten Hag is presently third in the standings and is expected to finish third behind Manchester City and Arsenal.

Tottenham Hotspur and Newcastle United, according to Jamie Carragher, have the potential to fundamentally alter the top-four race’s dynamics. The former Liverpool defender told Sky Sports:

“What that result does is bring Manchester United back into the pack in terms of the top four positions. I think for a long time we’ve felt that United were guaranteed to be in the top four. Gary [Neville] went as far to say they would finish second. But now it looks like they’re in a real fight now to be in the top four, especially with Newcastle playing Manchester United next. The big thing for Tottenham is the fact that they do play both Newcastle and United.”

Carragher has stated that Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur will both greatly improve next season despite the fact that he has been primarily impressed by Newcastle United this year. And he said:

“The thing about Liverpool and Tottenham is it feels like there’s a little bit of unrest at both clubs. I don’t think you get that at Newcastle. Even when they don’t win a game it’s still a really good performance. I very rarely watch them and am not impressed. This [international] break may actually be coming at a bad time for them. Just because they’re doing well doesn’t mean they’ll be there next year. Chelsea and Tottenham will be a lot stronger next season.”

In comparison to fourth-placed Spurs, who had 48 points after 27 games, Manchester United has 50 points after 26 games this season.

With 47 points after 26 games, Newcastle United is fifth in the standings, while Liverpool has 42 points after the same number of games.

With 42 and 41 points, respectively, Brighton and Brentford are also contenders for Champions League qualification.

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