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Coutinho signs permanently for Aston Villa

Philippe Coutinho has signed a four-year permanent deal worth 20 million Euros with Aston Villa.

Steven Gerrard, Aston Villa’s manager was elated about the signing of the player who moved to the club in January on a six-month loan.

“It is incredible to work at a club that executes its business so decisively”, Gerrard said.

The Aston Villa’s playmaker, has discovered happiness and has regained his finest form since his return to the Premier League in January.

Barcelona opted to loan him out because he had no place at the club. The deal worked out well for both the Spanish side and Aston Villa since they both received what they wanted just a few months later: Barcelona sold a player  who isn’t in their plans, while Aston Villa gained a key player.

The Spanish club were unwilling to pay the 40 million euros agreed upon by the two clubs as a buy option in the loan agreement. Barcelona was eager to make a concession in order to reduce their salary cost and bring in new players, so they decided to discuss this figure, which was eventually established at 20 million euros.

The Brazilian is under contract with the Villains until 2026. Gerrard made it obvious a few days ago that he would gamble on Coutinho’s longevity, and the club is responding appropriately.

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