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Mbappe Sends Heartfelt Farewell to Ramos on Return to Sevilla

Kylian Mbappe bids farewell to his mentor and close friend, Sergio Ramos, as the Spanish defender embarks on a poignant return to his hometown club, Sevilla. 

Since Ramos’ arrival in Paris, their bond has been palpable, extending beyond the realm of teammates. The charismatic defender’s leadership qualities forged a unique camaraderie with the young French sensation.

From shared moments in Madrid to on-field exchanges, their connection was more than professional; it was personal. 

With Ramos’ departure, the PSG locker room loses a stalwart pillar of support. Mbappe took to social media to express his affection, posting, “Good luck, my friend. The king is back,” resonating sincerity and goodwill.

Ramos’ return to Sevilla fulfils a long-standing dream, rejecting lucrative offers in favour of honouring his roots. Stepping onto familiar soil, he expressed, “Fate has given it to me. I will return home 18 years later.” 

This sentiment underscores the profound connection between player and roots, a bond that surpasses even the most illustrious of careers.

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